Friday, April 1, 2011

Frozen Yogurt and Jogging

"There once was this woman who came to me for career counseling, when I asked her what she liked she answered "jogging and frozen yogurt." Out of politeness, I inquired about the variety of her favorite frozen treat. She then proceeded to give an impassioned and articulate speech about YoCream. She is now their regional sales representative."

This was not a success story I anticipated hearing from a college career adviser. For the past five years I have been given the same advice regarding my future; advice of the choose-your-own-adventure variety. I could never read those stories all the way through, I would always skip ahead. I didn't want to choose a direction at random and let the story unfold, I wanted to pick the best option. You can imagine the anxiety I felt, eight years old, debating whether or not to follow a guide into the jungle or my own path back to camp. It is easier when you know the outcome. See in the book, I could choose to follow the guide because the other path ended in me getting attacked by a lion. Tangible choices that do not lie on the dog-eared pages of those books are much more difficult.

This morning I expected to be presented with graduate school or entry level writing jobs, two paths to choose from. Instead I was asked about what I enjoy. I do not like YoCream (or any light, oxymoron of a dessert) and I run, never jog, but I love the idea of pursuing what I enjoy most... and I intend to.

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