Sunday, April 3, 2011

Puffy Cheetos

A lot of people dislike puffy Cheetos. They are the same people who don't like Cocoa Puffs, rice cakes, and packing peanuts used to ship fragile items. I love all of these things. And I love puffy Cheetos. I will eat a regular Cheeto as opposed to none at all, but if I have an option I pick the Styrofoam-esque chips. Yesterday, while indulging  in some twisted, puffy Cheetos (larger coils of the already delicious puff) I stumbled upon a four tier. If you are not familiar with this term, and I don't believe anyone would be as I just coined the phrase, a four tier is a Cheeto spiral of substantial length, one that has four loops; a ringlet if you will. They are a rarity, a special occasion, a lucky break. Yesterday I also got a job. Working under a great Pastry Chef. In Vermont. It was definitely a four tier kind of day.

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