Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hannah Done

I am done will all my papers. Well, technically I still have to edit them and make them all pretty. But the research, the coming up with creative and new ideas that are somehow connected to a theory that I don't fully understand but am applying to a text, is done. DONE I TELL YOU. I have never said that before. Since my freshman year of high school all I have done is "talk to the text." There was always another paper on the horizon. Here is what my horizon looks like now...

In three weeks I will be here.

I will be sleeping here.

I will be enjoying one of these...

...from this place.

Ok, ok it probably will look less like it did then and more like this.
I think the world looks much classier in sepia... but the Cannon Beach Bakery is beautiful nonetheless.

I am going to spend a few hours parked on a stool watching him,
This man and his wife make the most beautiful glass works I have seen. It is memorizing.

It is inevitable that my family will come here.

After all, it is where we held my brother's wedding reception.
I won't lie, there have been times where we frequent Pizza A Fetta twice in one day.

There is going to be a beach campfire (is it called that? Or is it just a beach fire? That sounds like the beach is on fire...) where I will do a bunch of this.
Actually, I will spend most of my time around the beach/campfire lighting my marshmallow stick on fire, making the end into a glowing coal, and drawing with it on firewood until the coal breaks off. This process will go on for an hour or so until my marshmallow stick has degenerated into nothingness. Some may call this playing with fire, I call it bliss.

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