Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What goes up...

According to Wikipedia, I experience the entire spectrum of human emotions while hiking. Let me explain. When I go hiking, I feel...

Joy: When I start hiking, I am joyous. Who doesn't love nature? It smells so nice. I am energetic! This is going to be a blast.

Trust: I trust that the hike my dad recommended will be easy for able-bodied college students and will lead us to a spectacular view.

Fear: When we pass the first marker and it reads a mere .7 I feel fear (the hike is 8 miles).

Surprise: There is a five minute stretch of flat land! Who has got a second wind? This girl.

Sadness: Is that a wall? No, it is the now-vertical trail we have to traverse.

Disgust: There are chipper hikers walking down the mountain. One person stops us to ask if we are getting enough air. These people make me sick. Yes friend, you can tell by my body language (hands on hips, head down) and gasping response that I am in fact getting plenty of oxygen.

Anger: Who decided it was a good idea to go on this damn hike in the first place?

Anticipation: As we get closer to the top, the realization that we climbed a mountain sets in. Oh yea, we. climbed. a. mountain.

I love hiking, it is the new catharsis.

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