Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Parting Gifts

Fact: This is a really big cookie.

I made it for my roommates. I made it because I am leaving and I am sad and I like giving people cookies for no real reason at all.

Fact: I think pennies are beautiful. Whenever I find one, I try and guess the date on it. I am rarely right.

Fact: For the past year, I have drank coffee out of this mug. I love this mug. It is chipped and does not belong to me. Saturday will be the last morning I get to use it. When I pour hot coffee into this cup, the figure on the front "stands up to fatigue." When I pour chilled Andre into it, the figure appears a crumpled mass, possibly suffering from a headache. It is eerie how right this cup is about life.

Fact: These people deserve a big cookie.

Let's be real, I may have made it with myself in mind... just a little bit.

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