Saturday, June 18, 2011

I haven't baked much this past week. This is a problem.

It is probably because I have been enjoying other people's and place's baked goods. But still, it is not about the eating it is about the creation and sharing of treats.

Tomorrow is Father's Day and, in honor of my pops I am going to make a Strawberry Upside Down Cake.

The recipe calls for sweetened sour or whipped cream as a garnish. I am going to go with some vanilla bean ice cream because I am crazy like that.

I have decided that I enjoy walking. It is a slower version of running but you actually get to see things as you move, like this

Or perhaps this

I experienced a personal victory when I finally found Top Pot Donuts.
Funny story. My younger brother and I spent the better part of an evening this past winter seeking out Top Pot to get our doughnut fix. We attempted to find two locations in the greater Seattle area. The first location was sold out of doughnuts. The second, even with the help of a GPS, was not to be found. If I remember correctly we went to Safeway where we got some consolation doughnuts. It was not pretty.

Thanks to Derek's Android-computer-robot-transformer phone we made it to the university district location. Good times, good doughnuts.

T-minus three days until I leave for Vermont. I am nervous. I am going to make some coffee, that eases nerves right?

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