Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things That I Wish I Could Do

I wish I could like packing, I really do. Some people enjoy going through old clothing and mementos, folding each carefully away until their room is condensed into a few labeled boxes. I have tried to like packing. I have blared my Michael Buble, cracked open a bottle of Andre's finest, even enlisted friends to help. This results in me sitting amid empty boxes, talking, drinking Andre and listening to Michael's rendition of Sway. The next morning is a flurry of tape, clothing, and boxes labeled "room stuff." How specific.

I wish I could make a drink that tastes exactly like fresh raspberries and grapes mixed together. I am sure that some multinational has tried to concoct this, calling it Graspberry juice or something. From my experience, drinking grape juice is like drinking liquid bubble tape. While delicious, it does not resemble what a grape tastes like in the slightest.

I wish I could re-experience night two of my spring break road-trip... driving through the-middle-of-nowhere-Texas, listening to The Hunger Games, and looking at the sky through the sun roof. I am not a sitter. I do not take well to inactivity. But for some reason, the four days I spent in that little, red Honda are rallying for the title of my happiest memory.

I wish I could make an apple pie. Right now. I have all of the ingredients but none of the motivation. I think I will make one tomorrow. And then I will write about it. But right now I am reeling from finishing my capstone class. My paper is turned in, my presentation is complete. The only thing standing between me and graduation is a linguistics final. I should study for that test. I have all my notes and the study guide but, as with the pie, have no motivation for the task. Running, and a drink that taste like summer with a hint of Coppertone, will suffice for today.

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