Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What's up Doc?

I ran twelve miles today. Well, I ran and walked and jogged and sulked and sweated for 12.5 miles to be more precise. It was great.

This cake is more great. Correction: greater. I am really working the english degree I just recieved...

This bad boy has coconut and toasted pecans, lots and lots of carrots, and pineapple. Healthy? Hell no. There is more sugar and oil in this cake than i would care to fess up to, but the end result is worth it. Way worth it. I legitimize this dessert because there are a lot of good-for-you elelments and likewise, many bad-for-you ones. They cancel eachother out you see. Nothing gained, nothing lost.

I am pretty good at peeling and grating carrots.

Brown eggs are gorgeous.

I am almost positive they taste better than other eggs.

Cream cheese frosting should be its own food group.

Funny story about this cake. It was created for my uncle. My uncle is a chef. He has really sharp knives and cool nonstick pans that are in no way peeling on the bottom like the ones of my childhood. He has expensive cheese in his fridge and herbs growing in a pot on the windowsill. He does not, however, own flour, sugar, cake pans, any form of measuring device or a whisk. Making this cake was a challenge that entailed me (using a wooden spoon) hand whipping cream cheese, butter, milk, and a ton of powdered sugar into a smooth, creamy spread. I scoured Waterbury for measuring cups and spoons. The only somewhat helpful thing I found was an infant medicine dropper. I used it to measure my baking powder, soda, and spices. My methods are a little unconventional.

Birthday dinner. Birthday cake. However you get there (whether using William-Sonoma measuring spoons or a plastic, blue medicine dropper) this cake is head to toe legitimate.

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  1. don't worry about healthy... you ran 12.5 miles.