Thursday, September 22, 2011

en route

I am in Philadelphia.

I am waiting for my flight to Raleigh and trying hard to dissuade myself from buying a cheesesteak, cream cheese-laden bagel, and a Dunkin Donut's maple bar, all of which are a stone's throw away from me at the moment.

You don't think those things go together? You are crazy.

This summer was a lot of things. It was a stressfulfunexcitingsadbusybusy time.

I will not miss the bad coffee (sorry Black Cap...)or driving a manual car (poorly) or the stress of a job that was not exactly what it claimed to be. But I am going to miss my uncle. I will miss the friends I made at work. I will miss Joe's English Muffins (legendary) and baking nights.

And now if you will excuse me, my flight is boarding and I have a boy waiting to make cheesecake with me on the other end.

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