Monday, October 31, 2011

candy corn and such things

Tomorrow it is November 1st. This means two very important things:

1. It is time to remove the pumpkin faces I polished onto my toes

2. I need to buy my first (of many) peppermint mochas of the season

But tonight it is still October. I am in a big ol' hurry at the moment, but I figured that posting these cookies tomorrow would be as redundant as my jack-o-lantern nails.

These cookies are nothing new really, just a larger batch of my cut out sugar cookies.

Divide dough into thirds and dye one yellow, one orange and leave one plain.

Form each portion of dough into a rectangle and stack on top of one another.

Chill out for four hours in the fridge.

Cut into triangles.

Make sandwiches with frosting.

Or don't.

Happy last-day-before-November.

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