Sunday, October 2, 2011

My dad always jokes about taking me to the beach for the first time as a kid. He was holding me and had barely set my feet on the sand when I took off sprinting toward the water. I can imagine him panicking and chasing my chubby-thighed, overzealous self.

I approach pretty much everything I do with that same zeal. Some people think it is cute. A lot of people think it is foolish. I think- well I don't exactly think about it. If I like something enough, that is how I react.

Since I moved about a week ago I have barely had time to breathe let alone write. When I do carve out a few minutes to write, I don't know what to divulge exactly.

I think the reason I have been timid about sharing the details is because I am scared. I am scared of the permanence of this entire situation. I could get used to this. I am used to this. I love this already.

I also love

Please note the belt I am wearing. It rocks.

You may be thinking that the "j" looks a little funky. And you would be right. As I was piping it, I realized I forgot how to write a cursive "j." This is real life.

I do not have a recipe for this cake because I made it up as I went. It is so cool to be able to use the tricks I have learned at all my different jobs to make a cake. And it may be selfish but I like the idea of keeping some recipes in my head.

Stay tuned as my chubby-thighed, overzealous self sprints toward other things I love.

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