Thursday, February 2, 2012

I am enjoying:

This treat.


This book.

It is the reason there is no ganache covered recipe in this post. I am writing as fast as I can right now so that I can get back to reading it... true story.

These (yesterday).

I think their legs look like they are attached at the joint with pieces of bubble gum.

This contraption surprised me at the store.

I will never buy this (it took me 24 years to finally cave and buy an actual pie plate). But seriously this is something from the Jetsons... insta-pie.

I think he wants a parrot. I think parrots terrify me. We will talk about it.

Even when he eats my yogurt and sticks his head in a cup.

Pretty, citrus-y drinks

One of the perks of having a bartender boyfriend.

This (other) book.

I promise to go back to reading you once I finish The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. And I promise to make the coconut cake on page 45. And the brownies in a jar. And southern bourbon pound cake...

Next up: donuts in this pan. With sprinkles and lots of glaze. On Saturday. After a run.

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