Monday, April 23, 2012

PB&J Dots

I firmly believe that if it has oats, peanut butter and jelly in it, than it is breakfast.

I also believe that calling a cookie a "dot" justifies eating it before eleven am.

In my post about Seattle I mentioned a certain cookie from a certain coffee shop. This cookie is sometimes breakfast, other times an afternoon snack. It is vegan and filled with either apricot or raspberry jam.

I am not vegan. But if I could live solely on the jam dots from zoka, I would turn vegan in an instant.

Call them a dot, thumbprint, or Oatmeal PB&J awesomeness... whatever the name, these are downright delicious and totally breakfast worthy.

Cream butter, shortening, brown sugar and peanut butter until heavenly and fluffy.

Add oats and flour and a pinch of salt.

Scoop cookie dough, toss it in egg white and then coat it in more oats. This is best done while drinking apricot beer.

 Get your hands dirty.

Toasty, golden and ready for filling.

I filled my cookies with blackberry preserves, but you could also use any fruit jam/jelly, Nutella, more peanut butter, honey... I could go one for a while. Bottom line: get on these.

PB&J Dots
makes 14 cookies
1/4 c brown sugar
1/4 c shortening
1/4 c butter, softened
2 Tablespoons peanuts butter
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 egg, separated
1/2 c AP flour
1/2 c quick oats, chopped until dusty, plus 1 c oats for coating
1/4 teaspoon salt
jam/jelly, for filling

How- to:
1. Cream butter, shortening and sugar together until fluffy
2. Add peanut butter and incorporate, then add vanilla and egg yolk (reserve white)
3. Fold in chopped oats, flour and salt
4. Measure dough into rounded tablespoons and roll each one in egg white (so oats will stick) then oats coating thoroughly
5. Once all the cookies have been scooped and rolled in oats, place them on a prepared cookie sheet and make a small indentation in the center of each cookie with your thumb
6. Bake at 350 for 18-20 minutes (less time is you make smaller cookies, these are more substantial)
7. Once cooled, fill the center of each cookie with a jam/jelly of your choice

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