Monday, May 21, 2012

Review: Wilmoore Cafe

I visited this cafe after work a few days ago and I would like to discuss it. Cool?

This is the Wilmoore Cafe in downtown Raleigh (beautiful photo from I walk past this place heading to or leaving from work. I catch the bus right in front of it.

This cafe is Portland. Funky art, live music, a patio jutting out the side where people drink Americanos and eat (probably vegan) baked treats. The entrance to the cafe is set back from the street, but on either sides of the walkway, the restaurant extends. Two columns of glass windows where diners sit surround the entrance to the cafe and face the street. It is funky and cool.

This is the menu, pretty extensive. At night, the cafe turns bar. The crowd drinks spirits instead of coffee and it sounds like live acoustic music instead of chatting lunchers. Can you see me? I am hiding in the reflection. Hot breakfast at 7 am? Yes please. I saw a lot of people ordering sandwiches and homemade chips that looked tempting. Instead I went for something a little more me.

The iced coffee was strong and had a natural sweetness that made it smooth to drink. The muffin was studded with noticeably fresh berries and though it was late in the afternoon, was moist and tender- no dry edges here. It was not vegan but it was entirely delicious (sorry Portland.)

I like this place because it is humble, warm and beautifully different in terms of its food and the architecture of the cafe. Plus, it is proof that Coffeeland exists. I knew it all along!

The Wilmoore Cafe is located at 223 South Wilmington Street  Raleigh, NC 27601.

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