Sunday, July 29, 2012

How to make a Frappuccino

Frappuccinos were my gateway drug. I was eleven years old. They led to mochas which led to lattes. One day I stole a drink of my mom's plain, drip coffee- just to see what it was like. At first I thought it was gross, but then I grew to need it. It's a slippery slope my friends.

Jokes aside, I made a Frappuccino at home today. One that actually tastes like the kind you (and the group of twelve year old girls in line behind you) buy at Starbucks.

While I mostly drink plain coffee (Yuban for life) I still enjoy the occasional frozen beverage.

I have tried to make Frappuccinos at home before today. I would blend together milk, coffee, sugar and ice. Once in the glass, the mixture would separate, forming a layer of thick, flavorless ice on top of sugary coffee. It was... unsatisfying.

The ingredient I was missing: hot cocoa mix. It acts as a thickener and creates a creamy consistency. Cocoa mix brings everything together into one drink and not a layered mess.

This is not dirt, it is the inside of my almost empty coffee tin. The grounds are used in two ways: brewed into a cup of strong coffee, and mixed into the finished smoothie.

I used cocoa mix with mini marshmallows. They don't affect the taste of the drink in the slightest- they seem to disappear. I am not sure where the marshmallows go exactly... probably to the drinker's thighs.

See those black dots? They are the coffee grounds. They add a nice texture to the drink, as do the chocolate curls. You could definitely add whipped cream and flavor the frozen coffee any which way.

Bonus: homemade coffee drinks can be made as strong as you like... which is why my eyes are having trouble focusing on the computer screen right now.


Mocha Frappuccino (or Coffee Smoothie)
makes 2 small or 1 large drink**
1 packet instant cocoa mix
1/2 c milk
1/2 c strong brewed coffee
1 teaspoon coffee grounds, dry
1 c ice cubes (more if you want a thicker smoothie)
chocolate curls and whipped cream, for garnish
**I like my coffee drinks lightly sweetened, for a sweeter drink add simple syrup or chocolate sauce to taste (do this during step 1 of the recipe below)
- - -
1. In a blender, pulse coffee, cocoa mix, milk and ice until smooth
2. Add coffee grounds and blend until they are incorporated into the smoothie
3. Pour into glass(es) and garnish with chocolate curls and whipped cream (optional)

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