Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review: Blue Moon Bistro

I may throw around the word 'favorite' a lot. I am usually pretty careful... typically I will say__________ is one of my favorites, or I love ____________. (Fill in the blanks with some sort of muffin, bread, or food made with browned butter.) I don't think I have ever said that one food is my favorite or that one meal was the best meal of my life. Those are big words, but I think it is time to share them.

Before last night, my favorite meal had been an omelet made with butter, eggs, and freshly foraged mushrooms cooked in a screaming hot pan by my uncle. There are no pictures of the omelet. It was simple and perfect.

Last night's dinner was not simple but it was perfect and has moved the omelet into second place. There are pictures of this meal.

Sweaty wine glasses, focaccia and olive oil with cracked pepper.

Tempura soft shell crab dipped in remoulade and a spicy-sweet cocktail sauce.

Jeff ordered the scampi with pancetta for his entree which was delicious...

...but we both agreed the highlight of the meal was the ravioli hidden beneath my salmon entree. They were filled with lobster meat and topped with a mushroom ivory sauce. I am pretty sure that mushroom ivory sauce is what people eat for dinner in heaven. I don't want to try to replicate it. I just want to drive the three and half hours back to Beaufort and order it again.

Of course there was dessert...

We each took a couple bites of the flourless chocolate cake, but the house-made rum cake (baked by the bartender) and ginger ice cream was my favorite.

What set this meal apart from others was the fact that there was no part of it that I felt less than thrilled by. Or it could have been that I was at the beach on vacation and am with someone who doesn't think twice about ordering two desserts after a full meal. Either way... the Blue Moon Bistro is worth a (second, third...) visit.

Blue Moon Bistro is located at 119 Queen Street  Beaufort, NC 28516 (they are open Tuesday through Saturday from 5:30 pm until the last table finishes their dessert.)

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