Thursday, September 6, 2012

Easy Mozzarella Cheese

I haven't had much baking time this past week but I have been doing things. I have been learning my way around a new bakery and seeing friends and family. I can't begin to describe how nice it is to be in Seattle.

 The other day my dad asked if I wanted to make mozzarella cheese with him.

This is mozzarella simplified. It is streamlined. You buy the curds and use them to make the smooth cheese we all know and love. I am sure you could make the curd as well, but we bought ours and had fresh mozzarella in less than twenty minutes.

1.You start by scalding a pot of salted whole milk. You add enough salt to the milk so that it tastes like salt water (but milk...) Once the milk is hot, turn the burner down to medium and add your curd.

The hot milk will melt the curd and impart a wonderful salty taste to the final product.

2. Once the curd begins to melt, remove it from the milk and place it in a strainer. Squeeze the moisture from the curd and begin to shape it into a cohesive mass. This may involve some stretching. Eventually shape it into a flat, smooth round and return it to the hot milk.

3. When the cheese begins to re-melt (about 45 seconds) remove it from the milk and squeeze again to strain off the liquid. Shape the cheese into a smooth round and return to the hot milk once more.

 4. After about 30 seconds, remove cheese from the milkm remove liquid from the outside of the cheese and wrap tightly in plastic wrap.

5. Then comes the ice bath- this will constrict the cheese and help it retain its shape.

6. Once the cheese has cooled in the ice bath, re-wrap it and store in your fridge.

You can make a great panini with this cheese, or you can make a classy caprese salad. Or you can eat it like a string cheese with dill flavored Tricuits. No judgement.

Easy Mozzarella Cheese
1 lb mozzarella curd
4 c while milk
salt to taste
- - -
Follow steps 1-6 outlined above... you may need to make the cheese in batches so that it is easier to work with. We divided the curd into 3 portions and it turned out beautifully.

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