Monday, September 3, 2012

Road Trip: Raleigh, NC to Seattle, WA

Jeff and I just arrived in Seattle. Over the past five days we have driven three thousand miles, passed through eleven states and consumed hundreds of ounces of gas station coffee. It was exhausting and terrific. Here is what it looked like.


1. Our last Waffle House breakfast
2. Apple caramel  nut pie at a truck stop
3. Donuts and coffee in Wall
4. Celebrating the end of the trip with drinks and a guacamole trio (mango walnut, sun dried tomato and pistachio, and classic)


1. Beers in Indiana
2. Mid-afternoon treats in the sweltering heat of Wall,SD
3. Still in Wall, you can get a cup of pretty decent coffee for a nickel.
4. Iced coffee on the dash

Sights from the Car

1 & 2. Pretty Wyoming... morale was high because it was the last long day of driving.
3. In Montana- no wonder its known as "big sky" country.
4. Large dust devil slash small tornado off of I-90
5. Windmills dotting the roadside in Washington
6. Snoqualmi pass and very blue skies
7. Sunset in Kirkland, our final destination
8. The most entertaining sight we found in Iowa...

Fun Things

1 & 2. Turkey truck!
3. Massive tires
4. We drove past the Quaker Oats factory. I have invested a lot of breakfasts in that company so I thought it was picture worthy...
5. Dino in Wall, SD... apparently in the old West there were dinosaurs. Who knew?
6. Back in Spokane, WA for a few nights. There was the food festival Pig Out in the Park going on. So. Much. Fried. Food.
7. Listening to music at the beer garden under the clock tower in Spokane
8. Our friends took us to Zolas after the festival where we had champagne and saw the tambourine man... magnificent.

Fun times. Next chapter: Eating, living, baking, and horsing around in Seattle.

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