Monday, November 19, 2012

Birthdays and such things

I have been told that birthdays are a time of reflection, a time to take stock of your life.

I personally think that birthdays are a time to hang out and eat ridiculously good food with my favorite people.

This year I went and saw Wicked for the first time. I am a Wizard of Oz fan and it blew me away... I can sympathize with the witch from the east.

Post-work, pre-birthday dinner drinks. Vodka martini and something made with gin and spicy ginger. 

Snack sampler... the next to the last item on this platter were oysters that tasted exactly like barbeque chips.

Dinner at Serious Pie. I am determined to eat at every Tom Douglas restaurant in the city. Everybody got something different so we could try every pizza. Pictured is the potato pizza. Way to go T-Doug, way to go. 

Cupcakes from Hoffman's and my cute nephew.

Remember when I made an ice cream watermelon and described my ideal birthday cake? Jeff made it!

I am a very lucky (and full) person.

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