Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Virtual Coffee Date

So one day last week I got home from work and made a pot of coffee and sat down to catch up on some of my favorite food blogs when I stumbled across a virtual coffee date on www.eatliverun.com (if you haven't checked out Jenna's site, do it... great recipes and stories.) I like the idea of a virtual coffee date. So let's go on one.

If we were having coffee today, we would most likely go to Zoka and get a cappuccino.

I would tell you that I ate my body weight in pancakes from the Pancake House this morning because they are just that good.

I would tell you how excited I am that Jeff and I are going to see the Nutcracker tonight. I love dressing up and going to this show- it has been a few years since I last saw it.

I would confess that I had to tie all of the ornaments onto our Christmas tree with twine so that Gustav and Little Man wouldn't break them.

If we were chatting over coffee I would tell you about our recent trip to Portland where I made too many cookies with my Nana and also decided I wanted to get married there, though plans are still tentative.

I would show you cute pictures of my nephew and tell you how happy I am to be home around family, that every morning when I walk to work and see this, it feels a little surreal.


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