Wednesday, January 2, 2013

the best of 2012

2012 was a good year- here are the bests of it!

The best restaurant I visited... mushroom ivory sauce. Yikes.

The most-viewed post I wrote in 2012. Apparently people have a thing for fresh cornbread. I am also one of these people. Thank you all for reading!

This was the best cake (according to Jeff.) We ate the entire torte in about a day and a half.

These peanut butter cups were my favorite recipe I made in 2012 (1) because making candy scares me and they actually turned out (2) I put in an obscene amount of salty-sweet peanut butter filling inside each one.

The best decision... moving back to the evergreen state.

The best/craziest/most demanding/annoying cats.

The best remake of a store-bought food goes to these giant chewy M&M cookies.

2012 also featured a lot of long days worked in busy kitchens, pancakes, a proposal (and an acceptance), many bottles of Andre and a whole lot of good people. 

A lot of wonderful things happened (both in and out of my kitchen) in 2012. I expect more of the same this coming year!

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