Thursday, April 11, 2013

my favorite

I want to get out of the kitchen and take you on my favorite run right now, cool?

I am a little obsessed with this run. It is too pretty for words. That being said, I am going to try to use them (and lots of pictures) to show you why I find myself on this loop day after day.

On our run, we will start at my apartment, head down the stairs and onto the railroad tracks. It is down hill and a nice way to ease into the run.

We are going to run past this warped, mossy tree.

A mile and a half in we will pass the Google campus. Shortly after, we will start heading downtown. We will run under these trees. These petals are heartbreaking.

We are at the halfway point, three and a half miles in. There will be pretty cars and Zoka. At this point, I usually want to stop for a coffee. I have learned not to bring any money on my runs or else my exercise will end right about here.

Instead, we will run past the cafe and down by the water. Hazy Seattle and little boats.

We will hang a left and run along the shore, leaving the downtown shops and restaurants behind us.

We are almost done... but not before passing this gem of a house.

This house creeps me out like crazy but I can't look away. I think I am just waiting for someone to look out the french doors ominously at me. I think I may have watched too many b-list scary movies.

After running quickly past the horror-movie house, we head up the long, gradual hill by the park-n-ride. At this point we are faced with a choice:

flat railroad tracks home...

or the hill?

We have already come this far, let's go for the hill.

Whew. Time to cruise down the home stretch. After seven miles, I say we refuel with some hard earned treats.

So that is my favorite run right now. For me it is the perfect length and just the right combination of hills, flat roads and pretty views. Thank you for indulging my nerdy inner runner. Tomorrow: more butter and sugar.

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