Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Earl Grey Ganache

I have all sorts of love for ganache. It is the easiest recipe to remember- equal parts cream and chopped chocolate. The chocolate and cream come together into a glossy substance that I want to drink always and forever. This would be unacceptable at work, but is something I may or may not do at home.

This is the final earl grey recipe, it is inspired by Two Tarts, my favorite bakery in Portland, OR. They are famous for their two bite desserts- pop-able mini cookies and pastries with unique flavor combinations. Years back I got one of their two-bite brownies. Ok, I got two. So I had four bites of brownie. It was dense bittersweet chocolate topped with an earl grey ganache. Heaven on earth.

So you should definitely make some earl grey ganache. Make it and dip pretzels in it. Or top a cake with it. Or make macarons for your Nana and fill them with it like I did. You can also treat it like drinking chocolate if you are feeling crazy.

Warmed heavy cream gets infused with loose leaf tea for about ten minutes, then it is brought to a boil.

The cream is then strained to remove most of the tea leaves and poured over chopped semi-sweet chocolate.

Whisk until silky smooth and then it is done. If you are glazing a cake or brownies with the ganache do so right away to get a smooth finish, otherwise let it set up for 1-2 hours until it is pipe-able.

Jeff didn't like this recipe and that is why I love him- because I don't have to share my ganache. It is the perfect relationship really.

Earl Grey Ganache
4 oz semi-sweet chocolate
4 oz heavy cream
1 bag earl grey tea
- - -
1. In a small sauce pan warm cream
2. Add contents of 1 bag earl grey tea, allow mixture to steep for 5-10 minutes stirring occasionally (it will turn slightly pink in color)
3. Bring cream mixture to a boil
4. Chop your chocolate and place in a medium bowl
5. Strain cream over chocolate and discard tea leaves
6. Whisk until smooth
7. Use as a glaze immediately or allow ganache to set up for 1-2 hours if piping

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