Thursday, May 30, 2013

how to make vanilla extract

I did something with rum.

I did something with rum besides mix it with spicy ginger ale and bitters.

I made extract.

Vanilla extract is booze, typically bourbon or vodka, that has been infused for at least a few months with vanilla beans or vanilla flavoring. When I buy vanilla extract (which is in pretty much every baked good) I always buy bourbon vanilla. I decided if bourbon and vodka can do it, why not rum?

Vanilla beans get partially split and doused in rum.

Put a lid on it, shake daily and a month or so later you have extract. The longer it sits the better. Using fresh vanilla beans means your extract will have flecks in it- you can strain them if you wish but I left them as-is.

Here is a small vial of the finished extract. It can be used in any recipe that calls for vanilla extract.

Spiced vanilla rum extract makes me want fall baked goods. So, for my first recipe with this extract I made pumpkin pie and whipped cream.

I say we make pumpkin pie a year round thing... just an unrelated thought.

Vanilla Extract
makes 12 oz

3 vanilla beans
12 oz rum, vodka or bourbon
 - - -
1. Using scissors, cut vanilla beans in half lengthwise, stopping 1/2" inch from the end (they will still be connected but the inner contents will be exposed)
2. Place beans in a medium clean, dry mason jar
3. Pour liquor of choice over beans
4. Secure lid tightly on jar and shake vigorously; put jar in a cool dry place
5. Allow extract to infuse for 4-6 weeks before using in recipes, shaking the jar each day (you will see the flecks from the inside of the beans begin to speckle the extract, if you want a clear extract you can strain it before using)
6. Extract can last for a long time and can be replenished, just keep vanilla beans in your jar (replacing one every so often with a fresh vanilla bean cut in half) and add more rum, bourbon or vodka

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