Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pictures and Links

I don't have a recipe today. Truth be told, I made raspberry crisp cheesecake bars that I wanted to share with you. But after mixing them up, I realized I was out of aluminum foil. Delicious? Yes. Photogenic? Not so much. The only way they are leaving their pan is by the forkful.

So instead of forkfuls of cheesecake bars, here are some links and pictures and such.

This is my new bakery crush. You would think that I would not want to look at French pastries on my days off. You would be wrong. While I am biased and favor my work's products, the spinach and feta croissant at this Kirkland cafe is pretty damn good.

I am going to see this movie tomorrow. Please let it be the next wedding crashers.

I am making this treat for my dad on Sunday. And BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches. And hush puppies. My dad is the greatest and as such deserves a whole mess of Southern food.

 My siblings and nephew will also be in attendance. My older brother is also a father so I figured he should get a special dessert too. It is going to be this cake with mint chip instead of strawberry.

Is it lame that I just want to do this to my hair for my wedding?

Regardless of my hair-do, I will be here come the first week of October.

I think I am going to make these next weekend. I will make sure to line the pan so that I will actually have something nice to photograph.

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