Tuesday, July 9, 2013

cold treats for hot days

It is amazing how easy it is to get used to not working. After taking just five days off for the wedding, I now feel like everyday should entail a leisurely breakfast, beer at lunch and nights filled with friends and family. Work shmerck.

Seattle has been experiencing a little heat wave recently. As an effect of the rising temperatures and the busy wedding, my oven dial has remained in the "off" position. Because I have been busy avoiding my hot kitchen, I wanted to share a few treats I have made in the past that are perfect for when temperatures rise!

You should probably pick up some bourbon and make berry mint juleps

You could also use your blender to make some banana fudgesicles

Or skip the whole making ice cream thing and buy store bought fruit bars. Then dip those bars in chocolate magic shell

I recommend making a dessert out of beer floats

Or if you want to skip the booze, blend up a frappuccino

And, when in doubt, have Froyo for dinner.

It has been over a week without baking and, while I love all these cool summer treats, I am feeling a little antsy. Tomorrow, regardless of the reading on the thermostat, I am making a pie.

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