Saturday, November 2, 2013

October Photos

Let's look back at October... it was a good month.

Playing teacher; THE BEST COFFEE EVER; my new discovery: coffee soda

We went on our trip to Las Vegas. We walked around, saw a few shows and drank way too many of those boozy Slurpees they sell everywhere. My favorite part was the conservatory in the Bellagio... it was all decked out for fall. There were blown glass leave falling, an ent and a functional cider mill.

At the top of Little Si (look at those trees!); me and Little Man doing yoga... I started a 40 day program and am loving it

Ferry snacks; pretzel rolls & soup have been happening a bunch; I played around with my funfetti cake macaron idea; my current snack obsession: bananas + nutella + graham cracker

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