Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekly Links #4

Happy weekend to you, only two more days to go until mine!

These cookies are inspired by fairy toast (white bread that is toasted, buttered and coated in sprinkles.)

 Fairy Toast Cookies ~ A Simple Spin on classic Fairy Toast. It's a buttery cookie topped with a butter frosting and loads of sprinkles!

I wanna make chai banana cake a part of my life.

Jeff is very anti-bundt cake. I think I might try this super moist, glazed lemon bundt and see if I can't change his mind.

Lemon Bundt Cake Recipe on

Another way to drink spicy ginger beer? I'm all in.

5 Ingredient GINGER BEER Margs! Friggin' delicious

This website features some of the best photographs. Her posts make me homesick for the time we lived in North Carolina.

 Louisiana Bayou | for the love of the south

Love this article about the benefits of an at-home yoga practice. Also reading: this article that discusses other forms of exercise that compliment yoga... running made the list!

5 Yoga Alternatives You Should Try

Remember that time I made English muffin bread? Well I bought a bag of whole wheat flour and am going to try this honey whole wheat version soon!

Honey Whole Wheat English Muffin Bread // take a megabite

Jeff and I went here for brunch the other day. Everything is made in house and they use a lot of organic products and whole grains (I could really taste the difference)... and lets be real, the true reason I loved this place was because they have a breakfast topping bar for pancakes and french toast. We are talking bowls of different berries, pitchers of legit maple syrup, and large quantities of butter and whipped cream. If you live in Seattle and haven't gone, go.

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