Thursday, March 6, 2014

Weekly Links

So this is a new thing I am going to do. Mostly because I have been too busy chain-eating Samoas and watching House of Cards to bake anything at home... truth.

I want to make these Baked Chicken Squares... ahem, gourmet hot pockets.

I have been watching House of Cards well past my bedtime.

My next mid-week weekend might have to include mimosas and  Corn Cake Eggs Benedict.

I have been missing North Carolina lately where I often made/ate desserts like this Banana Pudding.

I have been doing circuit training at home using a Power Hour Mix to dictate when I change workout moves... it is weird to listen to the music without a 4 Loko in my hand. Ah, college memories.

This has to be the cutest yoga program out there.

I have been rounding out my evenings with a cup of tea and a handful of Girl Scout Cookies... I have to set out the exact amount I am going to eat or else I will just keep reaching into the box. Why are they so addictive???? WHY????

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