Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Running in Seattle

Remember that time I took you on my favorite run? That was back when Jeff and I lived in Kirkland. While I still love that loop, we moved and I have since had to find a new favorite run. So shall we?

We are going to run through four neighborhoods on this jaunt, starting at my front doorstep in Capitol Hill. Instead of going downhill towards the Space Needle, we are going to run up to Broadway and take a left. This road will take us pretty much all the way to the University of Washington! 

We make our way to the U District, running along the east side of Lake Union.

Before we cross that bridge, we will pass this bakery. It smells incredible. Just look at all that dough on the table (far right.)

This is where I have to persuade myself to keep running. I remind myself that running home after eating puff pastry would be a bad life choice. To the bridge!

Just over the bridge we come to the Burke-Gilman trail, a 27 mile rail trail that runs all around Seattle (as far east a Bothell.) We will hop on the trail and head west towards Fremont. 

In between the U District and Fremont we will come to Gasworks Park. We are halfway home! This is my favorite part of the run, the park is so beautiful and you have a great view of Seattle.

View from the top:

Back on the BG trail, we will run under highway 99 then take the Fremont Bridge back into the city.

For a mile we will run along the west side of Lake Union (aka lots of house boats and yachts.) This stretch leads us into the heart of downtown.

At this point I am mentally preparing for The Hill. The Hill is Denny Street. It is my 3/4 mile hill "home stretch." In Kirkland, I had the option of a hill at the end of my loop... not so much now. Home (as you can see) is at the tip-top of this urban mountain (at least that is how it feels sometimes.)

This 7.5 mile loop allows me to see many of the different parts of the city, gets me near the water (which I love) and kicks my butt every time I do it. A new favorite!

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  1. My friend is amazing! So jealous! I miss the Northwest so incredibly much. Love you girly. PS I am coming to town, and I will actually have a car while I am in Seattle. Lets please please please meet up. April 19-22nd ish I will be in your neck of the woods.