Friday, April 4, 2014

Weekly Links #5

I am drinking a strong mug of coffee and it is 6:45 pm... I am tempting fate. The caffeine has me thinking about the weekend. I bought a pink dress I can't wait to wear. Here's to hoping Seattle can keep the rain at bay (at least when I am walking around outside in the dress.) Fingers crossed and happy weekend!

This song has been running through my head all day. FYI the John Mayer Pandora station is the perfect background noise for your weekend reading. Grab a book and try it out.

Speaking of books, I am almost done with this one. I love it so far. A fellow classmate in my capstone class did her final project on the book three years ago (!!!!) It was a class focusing on all things post-colonial. This book does an amazing job of providing layers of cultural information for over-eager English majors to analyze (and re-analyze, and re-re... you get it?) It is also a wonderful, well written story.

Rhubarb is back! At work we are reintroducing our rhubarb tart. This fold over pie is on my must-make list.

Saveur's food blog awards are happening soon... looking at all the nominees I discovered this blog up for best photography. I hope it wins!

 Burger d’amour. Bun au caramel rouge. Oignon rouge caramélisé. Pomme Pink lady. Côte de porc. Girolles de fromage de brebis. Gelée de cerise noire. Groseilles.Moi les mots tendres enrobés de douceur se posent sur mon corps mais jamais sur mon burger.

Easter is a mere two weeks away... go buy some Peeps already! Here are a whole bunch of ways to utilize the marshmallow birdies. Peepza... I die.

Just don't let them drink and drive.

Mimi's photographs are fantastic. I have been tempted to make a few recipes featured on Manger, but mostly I just ogle the pictures.



Hot Crab Stuffed Buttermilk Crepes

Apparently there are quite a few new bakeries I have to try. My weekend schedule just filled up.

David Lebovitz waxes philosophic about eating cheese in France. Here he makes fromage forte. I admire his writing (and lifestyle) and feel quite trashy in comparison. The closest I have come to fromage forte is Boursin. Le sigh.

Fromage Forte

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