Friday, April 25, 2014

Weekly Links #8


Lemon, lavender, earl grey and lilacs oh my!

Need running inspiration? Here you go!


I like the idea of a fitness bucket list

reasons to stay fit

Look at this and frost cupcakes like a pro.

Drink inspiration with fresh mint.

 blueberry bourbon cooler with fresh mint

Cookies made with lard and corn syrup... it's a southern thing that I want to make happen in my kitchen.

Leaf Lard Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies w/ Salted Honey Buttercream

I have been trying my best to make healthy breakfast options ahead of time so that I have something to grab early in the mornings and shove in my face before I leave for work. Yes, I realize I just mentioned lard and cookies and am now talking health food... it's all about balance people. These bars would be a good choice!

Healthy Tropical Energy Bars

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