Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Summer Bucket List

Weekend! Yours is over, mine is starting.

This is a different sort of list post. A few of my favorite blogs have featured summer bucket lists lately. I like this idea. I have so many things I want to do this summer and I need a real kick in the ass to make them happen. So here I am, summer bucket listing.

Before I list it out, I need to show you  this burger...


Funnel cake buns. That sounds like a nickname. But seriously this exists in real life and I am very intrigued. OK, onto the list...

1. Pick strawberries and make jam... no more Christmas jam gifts made with frozen berries

2.  Try bowling again... I have avoided it for a long time because I am so bad at it

3. Read more books... I'm shooting for a book a week

4. Go to a fair... preferably the one in Spokane

5. Take more mid-day naps

6. Go see more live music

7. Picnic in a park... and find a discreet way to bring wine/booze along

8. Swap houses with my brother and sister in law (and swim in this lake)

9. Buy a tent and go camping

10. Run Mt. Si

11. Get my next tattoo

12. Make weekly doughnuts a priotity

I think this is a manageable list.

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