Monday, August 11, 2014

Seattle Street Food Festival Recap

The Seattle Street Food Festival happened this weekend, it was pretty much in our backyard so naturally we had to go. Cal Andersen park and a nearby street were turned into a home for restaurant/bakery pop-ups and food trucks. Some kind of wonderful.

If you were ever wondering how much fried food I can eat in an evening the answer is: a helluva lot. 

Cardamom and ginger donuts from Street Donuts

Flash fried Brussels sprouts at Evolution Revolution

Smokey grills

Hibiscus tea soda from Shenzen Tea

No words.

Fruit and veggies for balance at Fruit Chatter Box... I ate all the jicama.

Potatoes for days at Nosh. Hands down the best fried fish I have ever had + pea/mint magic on the side

Annnd, a fried PB&J (reminiscent of creme brulee and a Monte Cristo with a whole mess of peanut butter thrown into the mix.) Because we can. 

Add in a strong cup of coffee,a glass of wine and a (slightly disappointing) cheesesteak and you have my Friday night. 

Seattle Street Food Festival

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