Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cast Iron Skillet-ing

I'm working on a new section for this here blog. It involves less butter/sugar and more coconut oil/almond flour. So while I am figuring all that out (and recipe testing) I wanted to share all things cast iron with you. Because (despite the fact that it was 85 degrees today) it is fall in my mind and time for a big skillet cookie, don't you think???


How to season your skillet.

I want to make these so I have an excuse to buy mini skillets (and because they are pumpkin filled.)

individual pumpkin granola skillet cookie

Craving these.

Tart Cherry-Glazed Brussels Sprouts

This breakfast looks amazing. 

 This cake is gonna happen.

Lemon Berry Cake (gluten, grain, and dairy free) ~

I'm loving this butter&bird situation.


And a final note: how cool is this map?

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