Saturday, December 6, 2014


Lately life has felt... different. Crazy-busy-wonderful but still, different. 

I mentioned a bit ago that Jeff and I were in the process of buying a home. Well we did it! We have spent the last two weeks moving our life out of a tiny studio and into our new place across the water from Seattle. To say that we love our new house is an understatement. 

One of the reasons for our hasty move (OK the only real reason) is a baby. As in, I am going to have one!

This explains the silence on the blog for the past few months. I spent a good portion of October and November trying not to feel sick all day, everyday. This made work... interesting. And once I got home there was no way in hell I would be baking or cooking anything special. Plus, let's be honest, no one wants to see pictures of the saltine cracker/bean and cheese burrito diet I was on. 

But guys, I made it through to the other side! I am officially into the second trimester and no longer feel seasick all day! Which means I am going to be back writing and photographing nibbles on the regular. 

Before I bring you any more newness (real life or recipe wise) here are some pictures of all of the things I would like to be eating/drinking but can't. This little one better be cute...

beers/runny eggs/rare steak/deli offerings/soft&blue cheeses/Bloody Mary time/Spam misubi & sushi in general/caffeine/pretty cocktails

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