Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I am back home after a week of eating more mousse than I have in my entire life. I will do a big trip recap soon but for now I am adjusting to being back at home and work. I can't believe in less than three months Jeff and I will bring home our daughter! Time has gone slowly at times and then super-speed at others. I finally have a legitimate baby bump which makes it feel all the more real (when you aren't showing it is hard to believe that you are actually growing a baby.) I am (as always) impatient and want to meet her NOW. I know she needs to bake a little longer, but still... I can't wait.

Things I've been loving lately:

Organizing the nursery and buying baby clothes. I am trying to limit myself but still have a nice collection of outfits going. It is way more fun to shop for your baby than for yourself.

Friends on Netflix. Can't/won't stop.

Kale in my smoothies. The drink turns a lovely shade of swamp but tastes wonderful.

Big salads... ever since my trip where I ate all the bread in France I have been all about vegetables.

Spinning classes. I love the music and an hour of exercise never went by so fast.

Walking on the ferry.  When it is nice weather (which it has been lately) I like to walk laps around the ferry deck on my hour long commute home. I listen to music and zone out. It is a nice way to exercise when I have a busy day and no time to get to the gym after work. The view isn't too shabby either.


Peanut butter. Every time I eat a sandwich or toast with peanut butter, baby goes nuts. We're talking kick-punching excitement.

Coming up soon: a trip recap and a crumpet recipe. Both include a lot of butter, get excited.

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