Thursday, June 18, 2015

A New Arrival


The past twelve days have been the most amazing, crazy, happy, emotional, and sleep deprived days of my life. We met our daughter Rosemary after forty long weeks of waiting!

Things I have quickly learned:
1. Newborns go through a ridiculous number of diapers each day.
2. Frozen cookie dough is a life saver. Midnight (or 2am or 4 am) cookies are a daily thing because breastfeeding leaves me starving and I need something I can eat while holding a baby.
3. My idea of productivity has to change... now my day is a success if I can take a shower and brush my teeth. Sometimes this doesn't happen until after Jeff gets home in the evening. The days, they just go.
4. If people are going to come over to my house, odds are they will see me topless. What can I say, Rose needs to eat (all the time.)
5. Zipper onesies are the best, no buttons to deal with during middle of the night changes.

I can't believe she is finally here. I can be sitting right next to her sleeping and feel like I miss her. In addition to June bug, I call her my little Rose and honey buns. I know I am ridiculous. But I am also wired on cookies and sleep deprived so cut me some slack.

I have a few recipes to share but those will have wait for a bit. Right now I am trying my best to just soak up this time with these two. Welcome to the world June bug!

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