Monday, July 13, 2015

Cheesecake Tart

When I remember the first time I had Ethiopian food, I think of cheesecake. My dad took me to a hole in the wall restaurant in southeast Portland. There were rich sauces and stews served with buckwheat crepes for dipping. I was in high school, full of attitude and had decided that I was going to not like Ethiopian food. I made a point of (loudly) telling my dad that the crepes looked (and probably tasted) like dryer lint. Yes, I was a real peach. After dinner, we headed home. Since I hadn't eaten dinner, I tucked into multiple slices of cheesecake. I spent the rest of the night getting horribly sick. Two big slices of New York cheesecake will give anyone a stomach ache, but I am pretty sure it was karma for my awful restaurant behavior.

Fast forward twelve years and it turns out I actually like Ethiopian food. I still have a bit of an attitude (understatement) and I am still making and eating cheesecake, these days in moderation. This cheesecake tart has a more balanced crust-to-filling ratio than the typical NY slice. Bonus: you can enjoy a few slices without getting sick.

Tomorrow: more pictures of Rosemary because I am obsessed with her.

Cheesecake Tart
makes an 8" tart

for the crust
1 1/2 c cookie crumbs (I used animal crackers here but you could use any cookie you want or go the graham cracker route.)
6 Tablespoons melted butter
1/2 c AP flour

for the filling
8 oz cream cheese, softened
1/4 c sour cream
1/2 c sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 egg
- - -
*pre-heat oven to 350F
1. In a medium bowl combine the crust ingredients, using your hands to mix until the mixture begins to clump together
2. Press mixture evenly up the sides and along the bottom of an 8" tart pan
3. Bake crust at 350F for 12-15 minutes until it just begins to brown; allow to cool completely while you assemble the filling
*turn down the oven to 300F
4. In a stand mixer fitted with a paddle, mix cream cheese and sugar until no lumps remain; scrape down bottom and sides of bowl
5. Add sour cream and mix on low to incorporate; scrape down bottom and sides of bowl
6. Add vanilla and egg, mixing on low until fully combined
7. Transfer filling to the cooled crust and bake at 300F for 30-35 minutes; tart will be set in the middle when you jiggle the pan
8. Allow tart to cool on the counter for 45 minutes before refrigerating; refrigerate for at least 3 hours before serving!

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