Friday, July 31, 2015

Life with Rose: 7 weeks in

Well it is my last week home with Rose before I go back to work and I am trying to savor every minute of it. I take her out every day and love showing her off, she is such a cute and well behaved baby.

 Food: Tons of almond butter got consumed this week. Oh and I am back on cookies. I have made four big batches of a certain cookie dough since Rose was born and I have (for the most part) consumed each and every cookie. They are a winner, recipe coming shortly.

Drinks: I tried out cashew milk (as another alternative to dairy) and liked it, very creamy but otherwise a blank canvas perfect for enjoying with cereal. I have been drinking a cup of this tea daily. It seems to do what it is supposed to plus it tastes like licorice (which I love.) And as always: buckets of water and coffee.

Sleep: Rose is into a nice sleep routine that I think will be manageable once I head back to work next week (I don't want to think about it...) I have been taking a nap or two a day with her but otherwise she is sleeping in her room in her crib! This is the face I wake up to at 3:30 every morning.

Growth: Baby girl is getting tall! We have an appointment in a week to chart her growth and I can't wait. Her little legs and cheeks are filling in nicely and I have taken to calling her "little chunk."

Can we talk about how adorable baby nightgowns are? Gah.

Activity: We have been lucky enough to catch a few early smiles! She loves to try and bounce when you hold her up to your chest and when she is on her belly she moves her legs like crazy (once she gets the hang of the whole "keeping her head off the ground" thing, she is going to take off.) Overall, this week was a pretty sleepy one.

Above: Rocking her fancy clothes from France.

Workouts: Super light with the exception of a few yoga podcasts that truly kicked my ass. Lots of walks with my girl, we had some mild overcast weather that was ideal for taking her outside in her stroller.

It is funny, my whole life I never really felt like I could be a mom. Even throughout my pregnancy I thought about it and struggled with the idea that I would be responsible for another person entirely. And then she arrived and I fell in love and things just kind of clicked. It is funny how you can not know you needed something so much until it is in your arms.

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