Saturday, July 4, 2015

Life With Rose: Three Weeks In

It is hard to believe that Rosemary is three weeks old! These past three weeks have been a haze of late night feedings (milk for Rose and cookies or PB&J's for me.) This week has been, far and away the most difficult probably because sleep deprivation has truly set in.

Food: Now that Rose is here and I am feeding her, I am hungrier than ever. Like more hungry than when I was pregnant (if that is possible.) I eat a lot of oatmeal/oatmeal cookies for the sake of lactation (sorry for using the "L" word... real life.) I also eat a lot of almonds, spoonfuls of peanut butter, toast, and fruit. Really anything high calorie that I can eat with one hand. I am trying to eat something with coconut oil in it at least once a day because I have heard that it is good for baby.

Drinks: I have never been more thirsty in my life! I go through countless bottles of ice water. I am also drinking coconut water, almond milk and a bit of herbal tea. I try to limit myself to two small cups of coffee a day but it is hard as sleep is scarce. I have indulged in a beer or two, but until we begin using bottles I really have to time it right so that my body has time to process it out before Rose eats again. Luckily my tolerance is non-existent so half a beer hits me like a hammer.

Sleep: Ha. Ha ha ha.

Growth: Rose regained her birth weight in under a week and is a good little eater. When she is really hungry she will root and snort like a piglet... it is hilarious. At her two week appointment she weighed in at 7 pounds 13 oz so she is probably around 8 pounds now. She has been going through a growth spurt this week which means she eats constantly and it is hard to leave the couch. I watch a lot of Gilmore Girls reruns on Netflix while she nurses.

 Activity: She is into kicking and moving her arms a lot (she did this in my stomach as well.) She is also good at flailing her neck around. She is a very active baby and is awake and alert a lot (so much for the notion that newborns sleep all the time...)We got her an activity mat with hanging toys and she likes laying on it, wiggling around and looking at the toys. She is happiest when on the move in her swing or our arms. Jeff and I spend a lot of time walking with her and bouncing her on the stability ball.We have started laying her on her belly to strengthen her neck and she likes that a lot. She is very determined and is already able to lift her head well.

Workouts: I took two full weeks off after having the baby to rest and recover. During that time we would take short walks just to get out of the house. More recently I have worked up to jogging 2-3 miles a few times a week and doing some light stretching. It is wonderful and makes me feel more like myself again.

Overall this time is super challenging for me and Jeff. We are both so happy but the stress of new parenthood is pretty overwhelming. Each day gets easier thankfully! Rosemary is the best thing ever and when I look down at her when she is eating at 3 am I am amazed at how perfect she is. Just look at those little legs...

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