Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Life with Rose: Weeks 4&5

It is crazy how much Rose has changed in these few weeks! She is developing a personality and her little expressions are the best. Among other features, she has inherited what Jeff and I affectionately call my "frowny brows." She will scrunch up her forehead and look super serious.

Let's see... weeks 4&5. Jeff and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary and had our first evening away from baby. Of course we missed her and talked about her the entire time. We also took her to Seattle for the first time. I carried her around in my sling and she did great, snuggled up to me the entire day. She only cried bloody murder when we put her in her car seat. We got to go visit friends at my work, went into Jeff's old job and walked around the neighborhood we used to live in. She loves being in her sling and it is by far my favorite way to hold her.

Food: Eating has become difficult with Rosemary being awake and active much of the day... I try to multitask (using my sling helps because it frees up one hand) but me eating has become less of a priority when time is short. For this reason I try to make sure when I do eat, I get a lot of calories (hello spoonfuls of almond butter...) I have cut out dairy in my diet because it didn't seem to agree with Rosemary. I am giving it a few weeks to see if it helps!

Drinks: My days are a steady stream of coffee, water and coconut water. Since I am avoiding dairy, I am drinking unsweetened almond milk. Also, Campari and club soda in the evenings... just delightful.

Sleep: We survived the first growth spurt (wherein Rosemary ate literally every 45 minutes and I got zero sleep for three days.) Since then, we have been swaddling her in her swing (strapped in) where she sleeps 4-5 hours at night, wakes up for a quick feed and goes back to bed for an hour or two. It is wonderful. She naps during the day a few times for about an hour each so I try and sneak in a quick nap too.

Growth: Rosemary is quickly moving into 3 month outfits. I am so glad I didn't buy too many newborn sized clothes! She just has the sweetest arm and leg rolls. As a baby I was nicknamed thunder thighs so we know where she get's it.

Activity: She is most active in the afternoon and loves to be held up so she can look around. She has been kicking her legs like crazy and when I hold her upright she tries to stand on them and bounce (working those sturdy thighs...) She is gaining more neck control and likes being on her belly.

Workouts: Some walking and light jogging. I have been feeling very tired despite getting a bit more sleep at night, so workouts have been on the back burner.

I am falling more in love with this girl everyday. She is just the best.

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