Sunday, August 30, 2015

Life with Rose: 3 Months In

This month went by at super speed. Jeff and I have opposite days off which makes the weeks fly by! We are adjusting to our new schedule but I miss Rosemary so much when I am at work. She is such a sweet baby. She is always happy (unless she needs to be fed, wonder where she gets that?) When she wakes up in the morning she is all smiles and coos.

Food: I am still getting after big salads for dinner and also smoothie bowls when it is too hot for me to cook anything. I bought a big bag of frozen fruit and it has been my saving grace most evenings when Jeff is working. I top my smoothie with some cereal and more sliced fruit. It is pretty much dessert for dinner. I found these pumpkin spice granola bars that I am snacking on at work (I know it isn't even September but it sounded good!) My schedule changed at work and I now have Sunday/Monday off which means BRUNCH! Jeff and I like to go to this diner near our house. Their green eggs (pesto) and ham is the best.

Drinks: All of the coffee. Some good beer. Gallons of water (sparkling and regular.)

Growth: Rosemary is maxing out her 3 month clothes and so we have moved her up to the 6 month outfits. They fit her length wise (maybe she will be tall...) but they are a little baggy still. I am currently obsessed with her little thighs... rolls for days.We love our little chunk.

Activity: Rosemary is so active, I love it! She is constantly kicking her legs and trying to stand while being held. She recognizes me and Jeff now and smiles and laughs at us all the time. She also makes all sorts of noises, trying to communicate with us. We make the noises back to her and she lights up. It is pretty wonderful. We are trying to give her time to play by herself on her mat and she is still obsessed with her stuffed fox.

Above: helping mama make no-bake cookies.

Sleep: Baby girl sleeps like a champ most nights. Of course there was that one night she woke me up at two AM to eat and I then I set my alarm wrong. I woke up in a panic, late and had to drive rather than ferry to work. Most nights she will sleep 7-9 hours in a single stretch, wake to eat then sleep for a few more hours before getting up for the day.

That upper lip though...

Workouts: I am running a half marathon in October so I have started running more. Each week I try to do one track workout, one long run and a casual jog. It is a slow process but I am really enjoying it. Not having much time makes me appreciate when I can carve out part of an evening to run. Jeff is so great, he knows I am happier when I run and will take Rose and kick me out of the house.On days I am not running I will typically do a quick yoga podcast. Or I will cuddle Rosemary. If cuddling were a sport, I would have a gold medal.

Seeing this girl is the best part of my day, hands down.

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