Sunday, November 1, 2015

Life with Rose: 5 months in

Five... wait for it... months!

Food: I wish I had more time to bake! I am really looking forward to next month when I start holiday baking... Christmas cookies are pretty much my favorite dessert. Our schedule has been really kicking my butt lately so any/all free time has been spent with Rosemary or sneaking in a little exercise. Jeff and I went out for his birthday to a restaurant in Tacoma called Marrow and had a really wonderful meal. We had a melon salad that came with marinated figs and hazelnut hummus (aka what I would eat for every meal if I could.) He got a steak and I got their mac and cheese with apples and pretzel breadcrumbs. Basically all of my favorite things. Oh and there have been a few donuts here and there. On the Rose front: we have introduced her to rice cereal (she hates) and bananas (she loves.)

Drinks: Coffee with cream. Tons of water. At Jeff's birthday dinner I tried a life changing old fashioned featuring orange oil.

Activity: Rose is moving constantly, reaching for everything. She discovered our cats and is especially taken with Little Man (our chubby black and white kitten.) She tries to pet him but winds up mostly tearing out handfuls of his fur. He is terrified of her. Rose has also began flipping over at night. When she isn't eating or sleeping, Rose can be found doing push ups and trying desperately to crawl.

Rose's Halloween costume, inspired by Flashdance. She kicks her legs like a maniac. Maaaaaainiac. OK I am done.

Growth: My little chunk is filling out 9 month clothing. Her hair is growing a lot right now too... it will be interesting to see if she gets my curls! It looks like her hair is going to be lighter initially (Jeff had light hair as a baby.)

Sleep: We hit a little rough patch with sleep these past few weeks. Since Rose started rolling over at night, we have had to unswaddle her arms (she needs to be able to use her arms on her belly.) Having her arms free has meant she wakes herself up constantly. She seems to be favoring sleeping on her stomach and her pediatrician said that as long as she can flip over and keeps her head to the side she will be fine. Buuut because we are first time parents, Jeff and I check her constantly.

Workouts: Earlier this month I ran a half marathon and it went great! I finished in 1:42 and 3rd place in the women's race. However, the week after my race I couldn't seem to recover. I was so tired and just felt depleted no matter how much I ate/drank. I think running (especially long distances) will have to wait until I am done breastfeeding Rosemary. In lieu of running, I have started the T25 program recommended to me by my dad. It is 25 minutes a day which is perfect. I just plop Rosemary onto her activity mat and I exercise right next to her while she plays.

This next month I am looking forward to having Rose try more foods! We are also planning on getting some family pictures taken for the holidays. Spoiler alert: Rosemary will be in a turtleneck onesie.

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