Monday, January 11, 2016

Life with Rose: 6 months in

Six months in and I am feeling... humbled.  Oh, so humbled. Truth be told Rose is now seven months old and I have honestly not had a free moment to write in almost two months. In between the holidays (always a busy time for me and Jeff at work) and a baby who is crawling all over the place, time for myself has been non-existent. Real talk: from Thanksgiving to New Years I have felt like I have been running non-stop from thing to thing, only stopping at regular intervals to simultaneously pump milk and shove some sort of food in my mouth. I am ready for the post-holiday lull for sure!

Rosemary is just the sweetest, happiest girl. Jeff and I are so lucky to be her parents. Let's see, in the past few months she has started crawling. She also is teething like mad and so far has her two bottom teeth in. She likes eating "popsicles" made with either breast milk or apple juice, they seem to help the pain a bit. Speaking of eating, Rose has been trying out different solid foods and it is so much fun to feed her new things (probably because Jeff and I both love to eat so much.)

I have been making her food, mostly fruits and veggies with a few grains and starches thrown in. We are also trying to give her different spices. Her favorite foods are squash (acorn or butternut) with cinnamon and mango mixed into plain yogurt, She also enjoys the occasional spoonful of peanut or almond butter (our pediatrician told us to expose her early to try and avoid an allergy.)

I like to eat with Rosemary as much as possible so that she learns it is something we do together.

Rose is tall and lean (like Jeff) with little chubby cheeks (like me!) She is obsessed with crawling and has just started to pull  herself up to stand. She spends most of her day trying to pet the cats (read: grab handfuls of their fur.) Jeff and I sometimes call her Lenny, like the character from Of Mice and Men. Hey look, I just used my English degree!

Always after that Little Man...

We haven't had any real words yet, but Rose is sure talkative (especially in the evenings.) Most nights are spent with her crawling around our bed, playing and babbling.

First time seeing snow... she was a fan, especially of how it felt on her gums!

I really miss making recipes and taking the time to photograph them, but realistically there are not enough hours in the day right now. I hope to get back into it soon! I have actually been cooking quite a bit lately which is so nice. Jeff and I have been on the pescatarian diet for a few months now and are really happy with the change. I eat mostly vegetarian with the occasional meal of fish thrown in.

It is a new year and as much as I love the holidays, I am looking forward to spring and summer a lot. I don't really make New Year's Resolutions, but I have been trying to do more yoga lately. This year I want to focus on my family and take a few trips (Cannon Beach is calling to me!) I am going to write more both on this site and in a journal. Oh and more donuts. I will forever need more donuts. Old fashioned/glazed, please/thank you.

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