Sunday, February 14, 2016

What is on Rosemary's Plate?

Rosemary is eight months old ya'll! I thought it would be fun to discuss what is on her plate these days.

We are still primarily feeding her milk (yes, still breastfeeding after eight months, four teeth and three bites...) She eats milk 4-5 times a day and 3-4 "meals" of solids. Her favorite solid foods so far: any type of squash+cinnamon, mango and plain yogurt, and bananas+peanut butter. 

We have been making her purees and also giving her bits off our plates, just trying to get her exposed to as many flavors as we can. The only no so far has been pureed peas (they made her cry...) but that was probably my fault since the puree was a little chunky. Pictured above we have spinach/avocado, apple/quiona, oatmeal, banana/prune, lentils, and butternut squash.  Also on the menu: cracker puffs and teething biscuits. I usually give those to her as an appetizer while I fix her purees. Because she is fancy like that. I make about two weeks worth of food at a time and freeze the purees in ice cube trays. We defrost as needed, add spices and she is good to go.

 Above: oatmeal for two.

So far Rosemary loves to eat and will try anything we put in front of her. As far as sugar goes, I have given her a few tastes of the things I bake but try to avoid it as she is still so young. 

Apart from eating all of the things, at eight months Rose is babbling up a storm, standing and doing assisted walking using any and everything she can pull herself up on. She has taken swim lessons and it is just a joy to watch her. 

Some newness... I am now working part time until Rose can start daycare (the program we found does not have an opening until the summer.) While this is a big change for me, I am so happy we found childcare we are comfortable with that will eventually give Jeff and I nights and weekends together with our girl. I am the ultimate creature of habit (and someone who loves being busy, working, and the independence that comes with it) so this decision was not easy for me. But schedules change and (as Jeff likes to remind me) we are a work in progress. Stay tuned for more recipes and pictures of Rose! 

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