Sunday, March 6, 2016

loving, lately

Jeff and I took Rose on her first road trip this past week. We had a great time, enjoyed some good food (including multiple trips to Pizza A' Fetta) and Rose got to see the ocean for the first time! Travelling with an infant is definitely a challenge, but thankfully Rosemary did great on the 4+ hour car ride. I made some cookies that I will be sharing this week as well as a recap of our trip, but for now please enjoy these things I am loving lately.

Popsugar fitness. I love this youtube channel's at home circuit workouts. They range from under 10 minutes to over 40 minutes and require little to no equipment. They are perfect for a quick workout when time allows. Below: real life at-home "gym."

This picture of Rose. We finally got a baby gate, and I think this looks like she is in baby jail. 

Simple truth coconut granola. I mix peanut butter into plain yogurt and top it with this granola, it is so good.

As much as I hate to admit it, I have recently become infatuated with The Bachelor. So much drama. And wine. 

This beer is the best! 

I really want to make these Rice Krispie gems.

Happy Sunday, I hope it includes a mimosa or three. 

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