Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Road Trippin': Portland & The Oregon Coast

A few weeks ago Jeff and I took Rose on our first trip as a family of three! We went to the Oregon coast and stopped in Portland along the way. Here are some highlights/pictures of our little vacation!

Meeting Nana!

 Baby in a bar

Delicious curry mussels, OK beignets, & all of the beers

Playing at Powell's

These two...

Windy day on the beach

The best poppy seed muffin in the world & a buttermilk bar (a new favorite)

Baby in (another) bar... Bill's berry wheat is top notch

Rose eyeing Jeff's Pizza a Fetta

Travelling with an infant is a production, but overall went really well! We tried to stick to Rose's sleep schedule as best we could and as the trip went on she got more comfortable sleeping in her portable crib. Thankfully Pizza a Fetta does take out pies! Jeff and I wound up getting their pizza both nights we were at the beach. We would put Rose in bed and then enjoy pizza, a movie and wine. Not too shabby. We returned home with enough Sleepy Monk coffee to last a few weeks. All in all a successful first vacation!

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