Thursday, April 14, 2016

Life with Rose: 9 &10 months in

It is hard to believe Rose has been here for ten months! To say Jeff and I are smitten is the understatement of the year. Spending time with her is the best part of my day. I secretly love when she wakes me up early because I get some extra time with her.
As you can tell from the side of her crib, Rose is teething like mad. So far she has six teeth. There have been a few rough nights here and there, but overall she is handling the teeth like a champ. I found this teething guide and it cracked me up. Rose is totally in rabid chipmunk phase.

Rose is on the move constantly and loves to play with her toys, crawl and pull up to stand on any and everything. She has started standing on her own so I have a hunch walking isn't too far off. She loves playing with us and other people/children but also enjoys playing on her own. She sits and babbles to herself, it breaks my heart (in a good way.) 

Rose has always loved meal times, but now is noticeably more interested in eating solid foods than milk/bottles. We have started more substantial foods with her, some favorites: peanut butter, hunks of toast (preferably with more peanut butter,) scrambled eggs, avocado with goat cheese, polenta, and plain yogurt with fruit puree.

We are currently puppy sitting a friends dog and it is going really well (so well that we are talking about getting a pup of our own once our pet sitting days are over.) I must say I have been enjoying having a jogging partner!

My workout buddy.

I have been eating a ridiculous amount of peanut butter lately, mostly on toast. One of my favorite combos: peanut butter, fresh raspberries and some honey.

Oh and my dad made me some granola that I ate in record time because I am basically a squirrel.

We are enjoying warmer weather and have been fixing up our yard so that this summer we can spend as much time outside as possible. My dad helped me put in a patio for our barbecue which was a lot of work but exciting! Last summer, cooking was my least favorite activity because the oven and stove heated up the house so much. This year I fully intend on grilling as much as possible. Warmer weather has also meant the return of my favorite drink...

Don't mind me, I will just be drinking a sparkling Negroni until September.

Exercise-wise I have been all about at-home workouts after Rose goes to sleep for the night (still loving the pop sugar channel on youtube). Circuit training and more core/stability work have been my go-to options. I also take the pup for a jog most days.

I am already planning Rosemary's birthday party- I know, I know... I am that mom. It is going to be beach-y. I can't wait.

That is the face of a girl who wants some cake!

My sweet June bug... ten months in and we love her more every day. 

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