Saturday, May 7, 2016

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Well it finally happened. Eleven months in, and Rose got sick for the first time. She got the stomach flu and was a pretty sick baby this past week. Aaaand then just when she was on the mend, Jeff and I got sick. I will spare you the details, only to say that this was the worst sickness I have had as an adult, hands down. And taking care of a baby when you are sick is so challenging. That said, I did enjoy a fair amount of baby snuggles and Gilmore Girls this past week so it wasn't all bad! I think today I might end our quarantine and venture out to the park or something since we are feeling a bit better. Plus, it would do me some good to change out of pajamas. Rose is probably sick of seeing me in my Waffle House t-shirt and ratty robe. Since I figured my current diet of chicken broth, soda crackers and ginger ale wasn't blog-able, here is what we have been enjoying lately.

As I shared before, Rose's teething is a little outrageous and she gnaws on everything in sight (her crib included.) We found these crib rail wraps and they have been a lifesaver! They fit super snug to the rail for safety and are made of fleece so she no longer eats varnish and little pieces of wood! Win, win.

Pre-flu, I made a batch of these cookies and ate them in record time. They are meant for breastfeeding mamas but they are so good they are going to be my go-to oatmeal cookie recipe after Rosemary is weaned. 

Whenever I am home I am burning this candle... it smells amazing. I got it at this cute store near our house called The Weekender.

Nicer weather has meant more days at the park which both Rose and I do not mind.

A constant favorite is sharing food with Rose. We are trying out baby's first birthday cake recipes around here, and first up was funfetti adapted from Christina's recipe

She was a fan!

Below: having a moment with a piece of my peanut butter toast. She sat like that for a solid minute, eyes closed, gnawing on a stick of toast. I share her sentiments for this breakfast.

I read The Girl on the Train in two days and am excited they are making it a movie!

Also... Jeff and I are on the last season of Downton Abbey. What am I going to do with my nights after it is over???

Wishing everyone a happy Mom's Day weekend!

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